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Great tattoo artists know which accessories they need not only to create the best designs for their customers but to also create an ideal workspace. For example, Artists use tattoo plastic caps to spread out the ink colors and pigments they need for a project. Caps are available in different sizes, tough #9 and #16 are the most common. Small caps are recommended to avoid wasting ink, which can always be refilled. It’s important to never place ink from caps back into the ink bottles. This may lead to cross-contamination which can put future customers’ safety at risk.

Other important accessories are the tattoo stands and trays. Artists need them to lay out their ink and supplies. Today’s stands come in a variety of models with different features. Some are height-adjustable so artists can use them while standing or sitting. Most are wheeled for easy mobility. Trays often come with lips to keep supplies and ink from falling to the floor.

Customer safety is a top priority, so artists should have supplies around for skin treatment and disinfection. Artists should always have disinfectant spray or wipes to clean your studio’s seat in-between customers. Invest in an autoclave to sterilize your equipment. Topical skin cleaners, such as soap, should be used to wipe the customer’s skin before starting work. Other ointments and antiseptics, along with first-aid supplies, should all be on-hand in the event of an accident or emergency.

Avoid purchasing plastic accessories that can’t be autoclaved. Other accessories, including caps, should be thrown away after use. Remember, there’s nothing that’s more important than maintaining a clean space for you and your customers.