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Dynamic Color Co. has been specializing in high-quality tattoo inks since 1990. The strength of some of their colors is so intense that Dynamic recommends using white to cut them and adding yellow to the mix when toning down browns. Dynamic Tattoo Ink is a pre-dispersed, premium ink created to provide artists with bolder, long-lasting colors. Known for their Black ink, Dynamic also offers a full range of vibrant, high quality colors that push into the skin with ease and efficiency, resulting in a tattoo both the artist and client can be proud of for years to come. Dynamic color tattoo inks are ideal for new school tattoo artists and can be toned down with white ink if necessary.

Special attention should be paid to black and white Dynamic Tattoo Ink.

Black Dynamic Tattoo Ink goes into the skin easily and stays black even after healing. It is great for lining, shading, tribal, and blending to create washes.

Dynamic’s Heavy White tattoo ink is a pre-dispersed, premium white ink that stands out against the others in the market. While most white inks are slightly translucent or a creamy shade when healed, the Heavy White will result in a vibrant and pure shade of white that will last for years to come. Dynamic Heavy White has an ideal consistency that will push into the skin effortlessly while retaining the white pigment. Use it to intensify the highlights in black and grey tattoos, create long lasting white ink designs, and/or supplement coloring in a variety of tattoos.

Dynamic Tattoo Inks are available in 1 or 4 OZ bottles. Black and white inks are also available in 8 OZ bottles.