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Intenze was founded by Mario Barth over two decades ago, Intenze is an unparalleled industry leader that not only produces amazing tattoo inks, but that also encourages artist development and strives to infuse its products with generations of tattooing experience.

Intenze offers more tattoo ink color options than any other brand on the market, providing you with an almost unlimited palette of possibilities.

These tattoo inks were created by world-renowned tattoo artist Mario Barth and have been developed in conjunction with an impressive list of world-famous tattoo artists who’ve supported the brand’s continuous growth and improvement.

Intenze tattoo inks are tried and true, they’re known to stand the test of time, as you can see by looking at still-vibrant tattoos created with Intenze inks more than 20 years ago. Intenze inks are certified to be sterile and free of a variety of bacteria. All Intenze inks are vegan-friendly so they contain no animal products and are not tested on animals.

Intenze is a registered and licensed cosmetics manufacturer in the US and compliant with EU quality standards .Intenze tattoo inks are proudly made in the U.S.A.

When purchasing Intenze inks, please pay attention to the packaging, consistency and ingredients of the pigment. This will help to avoid fakes. Original Intenze paints are available in a sealed package of a certain volume. Bottle ink may have a volume of 15, 30, 60 and 120 ml. Black and white colors are only available in 360 ml. All the Intenze bottles are made of PET material to reduce potential contaminants. Intenze bottles has patented a double sealed break off cap that doesn’t need an induction seal anymore, reducing the carbon footprint, and making a bottle that’s easier to use with a locking mechanism that clicks and stays closed. It makes the ink last and stay cleaner for longer. Additionally, each bottle of Intenze ink pours more precisely, eliminating waste and giving artists more control over their work.