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Needles - Magnum Special

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Accurate selection of all the details for a particular type of work (painting, shading, creating a contour) is the guarantee of a quality tattoo. A specific set of needles is recommended for each type of work.

The main difference between the Magnum Special tattoo needle and the classic Magnum needles is a more dense spike of the elements which allows a deeper and more dense painting of the surface. The needles are soldered side by side, separated into an upper and lower row. Good for

color filling, working large areas and shading. These needles will allow you to perform more solid work with less effort. Great performance in shading and getting into those tight corners safely and easily. We can offer you a Magnum Special needle with a range of 5 to 15 elements in the soldering.

Each needle comes in a Sterile Pouch with the type of needle, lot no., expiration date, and compatible tip/tube printed right on the outside. The needles are EO (Ethylene Oxide) gas sterilized and should only be used if the package is undamaged. Magnum Special tattoo needles are made of stainless surgical steel and packed in sterile packaging.

It's no secret that all needles are for disposable use only, so it is very important to always have enough needles. In our store all the needles can be purchased both in a package of 50 pieces or one-piece.