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Needles - Round Liner

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No matter the type of tattoo, you will likely have to use a variety of needles. You will learn as you grow as an artist that your preferences in needle types may change over time based on your experience with different tattoos and your discussions with different artists about their techniques.

Accurate selection of all the details for a particular type of work (painting, shading, creating a contour) is the guarantee of a quality tattoo. A specific set of needles is recommended for each type of work.

Use a Round Liner for lining your tattoo. The tightness of the liner (how close the needles are spaced together) you need will depend on the detail and fineness you are looking for in your lines. The specific feature of these needles is directly reflected in the name Round Liner - they are welded together in a circle. The thickness of the tattoo line depends on the number of needles in the beam, the more needles - the thicker the line. RL1 needle is perfect for the finest lines, RL3 - for details and thin contours, RL5-RL9 for fast and precise contours. These needles are also suitable for permanent makeup.

Each needle is Ethylene Oxide (EO) Gas sterilized, individually packaged, and labeled with the model, lot number, expiration date, and compatible tube/tip. Depending on the number indicated on the package, the number of needles fused in the bundle varies most often from 1 to 9 pieces. Round Liner tattoo needles are made of stainless surgical steel and packed in sterile packaging. It's no secret that all needles are for disposable use only, so it is very important to always have enough needles. In our store all the needles can be purchased both in a package of 50 pieces or one-piece.