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Solid Ink

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Solid Ink is one of the best tattoo ink on the market made by tattooer Federico Ferroni. Committed in making the most solid pigments possible, and using natural ingredients. Solid Ink is based out of Miami Beach, but Federico has been tattooing with this blend of pigments around the world for years.

Since there is no such of thing like FDA control in tattoo inks, in the USA, I selected the most safe, absolutely non toxic pigments, according to their history, and records of being non allergic for the human skin. Proprietary blend of natural pigments, vegetable glycerin, distilled water & hamamelis. Most colors tested and approved by CTL lab in Bielefeld Germany for safety and skin reactivity complying with European legislation on tattoo colors.

Appearance in various color liquid fluids. Most colors are water dispersible or soluble. Solid Ink is easy to work with, super bright and heals solid. Inks are very concentrated to ensure maximum color saturation. In our online store Solid ink is presented both in separate bottles and sets.

All Solid Ink products are made in the USA.