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Black Ink

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The best tattoo artists understand what to look for when choosing tattoo ink. Materials used for the base and pigment determine the quality of the ink. While many of today’s inks manufacturers have removed carcinogens and toxins from their products, some have not.

Low-quality inks tend to produce less durable tattoos because they are less permeable and thinner. Customer safety is also at risk, as low-quality inks can also lead to infections and other complications. Always go with products from reputable manufacturers to avoid harmful side effects. Don’t forget to consider brightness and consistency when choosing an ink brand.

We are proud to carry tattoo ink from today’s top brands, including:

  • Dynamic: This brand specializes in black tattoo ink. Artists turn to Dynamic for lining, shading, and gray washing.
  • Kuro Sumi: This Japanese-based brand offers 58 colors and uses organic bases and pigments in their ink.
  • Intenze: With almost 200 colors available, this brand is great for creating detailed tattoos. Intenze goes the extra mile by having their ink tested by third-party labs to ensure products are free of toxins and other harmful substances.
  • Millennium Mom's: This brand offers 41 colors made from pure, uncut pigments to produce bright colors at a great flow rate.
  • Solid Ink: This Miami-based brand specializes in solid ink colors. All the brand’s 60 colors are made from natural ingredients.

Some tattoo artists may want to use inks from different brands to create truly vibrant tattoos. While you can do this, remember that different brands have different healing times and are made from different materials. In the event of a chemical reaction, artists may have a difficult time determining which ink was the cause. Also keep in mind the preferences of the customer. For example, some customers may only want to have organic inks used on their skin.