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Tattoo Kits

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Today it’s important for aspiring tattoo artists to understand the essentials of the craft. However, professional equipment is often expensive and new artists aren’t always sure about which equipment to buy. Tattoo kits are perfect for aspiring tattoo artists looking to get started. They include the essential supplies needed for every artist.

Our kits include the following:

Tattoo Machine




Power Supplies (block, pedal, wire)



While kits do have the basics for creating the tattoo, there are a variety of other accessories to make the artist’s job easier. Stands and trays are needed for artists to lay out their equipment and ink. Ink caps allow artists to spread out the ink pigments. Don’t forget about anesthetics, skin cleansers and disinfectants to maintain a clean workspace.

Artists can choose from different materials to practice tattooing. Synthetic tattooable skin offers realistic models of arms, hands and feet. While previous models were made of plastic or rubber, today’s are made from more realistic materials such as silicon. More affordable options include synthetic skin sheets that are available in various quantities.

To maintain the safety of your customers and yourself, proper replenishment of certain items is necessary. Never reuse needles, as they can spread diseases including hepatitis, HIV, tetanus, and tuberculosis. Other single-use items include (but aren’t limited to) tattoo markers or pens, tubes, and grips.

Even though aspiring tattoo artists can learn a lot from videos and online resources, nothing can replace an apprenticeship with an experienced tattoo artist.