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Tattoo Machine Parts

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Service life of any tattoo machine, even the good and high-priced one, mostly depends on the intensity of its operation, and how the right care will be provided to it. It is clear that even the most careful treatment will not save your device from the parts wear, so sooner or later every tattoo artist needs spare parts for tattoo machines.

Intensive exploitation of a tattoo machine in any case weakens its spring and leads to the seizure of the needle as well as other problems. A power surge may also damage the equipment. If the source block is too weak to provide the necessary impact force of the needle - it also needs to be replaced.

We can offer special repair kits for the coil tattooing machines. Such kits can be large and standard. The large kits are designed for tattoo artists who work with several machines at the same time. The standard kit is more suitable for the aspiring artists. These kits are plastic bags with separate sections, where you can find all the necessary stuff including screws and washers, springs for shader and liner, sets of keys, o-rings, rubber bands and more.

Other important consumables of every tattoo artist are lubricants.  None of the modern tattoo machines can work without synthetic oils. This lubricant provides the stable, smooth functioning of the device extends its service life and reduces the servicing costs.

Our online store has all the necessary parts to bring your tattoo machines and other equipment in working condition:

-Terminal screws and washers for details connection.



-Coils with different numbers of turns

-Wear-resistant and durable rubber rings

-Motors and eccentric cams for the rotary machines.

-Contact screws and contact groups (including fittings and insulation)