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Burlak Duke

Out of stock


This lightweight rotary is based on English MFA 6 watts  motor and Japanese NSK bearing.

As the  previous models this one also  has an adjustable eccentric.

It's suitable for all kinds of work including permanent make-up.

Shaman pulls up to 50 soldering needles.

Konstantin Burlakov is considered one of the best masters in the manufacture of rotary tattoo machines. His machines are very reliable and productive. A lot of tattoo artists recommend Burlakov's machines to their colleagues, and definitely with good reason! You can hardly find a single negative review about Burlak Rotary. All his machines are assembled from the highest quality components. Almost every model of his machine became a bestseller in our store.

This machine is easy to use and suitable for tattoo artist of any level.


Product Type: Tattoo Machine

Machine Type: Rotary Machine

Frame Material: Duralumin

Machine Connection: Clip Cord and RCA

Motor: MFA Motor 

Voltage adjustment: 6-8 V

Weight: 3.35 oz

Country of origin: Russia


2 to 6 mm Adjustable Stroke