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Intenze Color Lining Ink Set 1oz

Out of stock


        Line tattoos with color tattoo inks other than plain black lining! Intenze has ten dynamic color tattoo pigments that you will find in this Color Lining Ink Series.

        • Lining Brown Dark 1oz
        • Lining Brown Light 1oz
        • Lining Red Dark 1oz
        • Lining Red Light 1oz
        • Lining Magenta 1oz
        • Lining Purple 1oz
        • Lining Blue Light 1oz
        • Lining Green 1oz
        • Lining Blue Dark 1oz
        • Lining Yellow 1oz

        Country: USA

        Manufacturer: Intenze

        Product Type: Tattoo Ink Set

        Weight: 584g

        Ink Botlle Size: 1oz