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Skinductor Model-3 Red

Out of stock


Light and powerful solution for those who are open to innovation!

Skinductor - the brand of tattoo equipment manufactured by "Workshop for Precision Mechanics of Sergey Nizov".
The wide engineering experience in the weapons design and a big enthusiasm allowed us to unite under the brand of Skinductor the own original technologies and reliable production traditions.
You can always be sure of the quality and reliability of our products!


Frequency: (loaded, on 6V, approx) 100 Hz

Stroke: (approx): 3,5 mm.

Voltage: 3-6 Volts.

Duty cycle: 60% (softer) - 70% (standard).

Needles: 1-49

Frame material: CNC milled and anodized aluminum.

Weight: 4.6oz


Synchronization system makes operation of the machine smooth and allows user to change a hitting power by turning the contact screw without speed loss.

Permanent magnet mounted between the coils of the machine strengthens the electromagnet, as well as provides sharp hitting. Here is enough power to use up to 49 needles!

Original thermostabilized springs are very reliable, because the contact spring carries a
small load, and the main spring is damped by o-ring, which reduces high-frequency secondary vibrations. A contact spring placed on a saddle allows the armature bar stay up longer to pick more ink from a tip.

Lightweight and durable frame is made of aluminum and designed in such a way to minimize vibration and create favorable conditions for work. Comfortable operation with light disposable grip and long sessions without hand fatigue are available with Model-3. Total weight of machine is only 130 grams!

Basic Model-3 is an universal tattoo machine with ideal characteristics to perform any type of work with any needles and any pigments.

Model-3 is a high-performance and atraumatic machine, which allows to transfer a much more pigment under the skin with the lowest damage, that is good for tattoo healing. This machines are equally suitable for both novice and professional artists, they are working "out of the box" and do not get detuned for a long time.