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Skinductor Ultra Lite

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Universal and incredibly productive tattoo machine which is sure to become a reliable assistant for everyone who wants to work successfully and grow fast. Meet the new machine from the manufacturer of precision mechanics and industrial design.

Skinductor - the brand of tattoo equipment manufactured by "Workshop for Precision Mechanics of Sergey Nizov". The wide engineering experience in the weapons design and a big enthusiasm allowed us to unite under the brand of Skinductor the own original technologies and reliable production traditions.

You can always be sure of the quality and reliability of our products!


Manufacturer: Skinductor

Product Type: Tattoo Machine

Machine Type: Rotary Machine

Speed: 38-125 rev/sec

Stroke: 3 of 4 mm

Voltage: 3-7 V

Needles: any configuration

Motor: 5 Watts, Mabuchi (upgraded)

Mechanics: connecting rod / slider, rocking arm , S.N.C. system

Housing material: milled and anodized aluminum

Weight: 4.2oz


The patented "Smart Needle Control" system, in combination with a superlight transmission provides unmatched performance and controllability.

Machine is equipped with an improved Mabuchi motor, which is enough powerful to operate even at low speeds, which is essential for such techniques as dotwork and whip shading.

Through the use of S.N.C. system, Machines work very carefully, ensuring fast healing, bright color, and even reducing pain during tattooing.

Machine is suitable for any type of works, easily cope with any configuration of needles, and will not create problems even for a beginner tattoo artist.

Low vibration, light weight and ergonomic shape of the body creates a comfortable working environment. Configurable tube clamp can be setted for right-handed or left-handed.

Skinductor.R1 Ultra is the best value product, it have a really reasonable price among tattoo machines of this class.

Two rocking arms let to achieve a wide range of characteristics:
Hard: stroke- 4 mm.
Priorities: liner, colorpacker, and lesser - shader.
Soft: stroke - 3 mm.
Priorities: shader, colorpacker, and lesser - liner.

Smart Needle Control system (S.N.C.) provides a self-adjusting delay of return of needles to achieve high efficiency, lower skin damage, and reduce pain while tattooing.
The machine is equipped with three types of rings that control the system: standard, hard and superhard.
With the increasing ring hardness decreasing the influence of S.N.C. on the operation of the machine.

1 year warranty is provided.