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Skinductor Vertigo

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Universal and incredibly productive tattoo machine which is sure to become a reliable assistant for everyone who wants to work successfully and grow fast. Meet the new machine from the manufacturer of precision mechanics and industrial design. Skinductor - the brand of tattoo equipment manufactured by "Workshop for Precision Mechanics of Sergey Nizov". The wide engineering experience in the weapons design and a big enthusiasm allowed us to unite under the brand of Skinductor the own original technologies and reliable production traditions. You can always be sure of the quality and reliability of our products!


Manufacturer: Skinductor

Product Type: Tattoo Machine

Machine Type: Rotary Machine

Speed: 38-125 rev/sec

Stroke: 3 of 4 mm

Voltage: 3-7 V

Needles: any configuration

Motor: 5 Watts, Mabuchi (upgraded)

Mechanics: connecting rod / slider, rocking arm , S.N.C. system

Housing material: milled and anodized aluminum

Weight: 4.2oz


High-efficient inertialess SpinRod transmission, allows to use the motor in a wide speed range, including low-speed modes with sufficient power, that is very popular for dot/whip techniques.

The ergonomic autoclavable grip combined with an "open" transmission makes Vertigo one of the most hygienic machines.

The needles position can be adjusted by turning the motor relatevely to the grip, that leaves enough space for reliable attachment of the barrier protection.

A deeply modernized powerful DC motor with three ball bearings can easily work any number of needles.

Low weight and low level of vibration combined with ergonomic shape creates conditions for long and comfortable work.