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SkinLock is a new, innovative solution for an immediate care of a fresh tattoo that eliminates petroleum-based ointments and secondary dressings by forming a translucent, protective coating that helps promote healing and prevent infection.

Protect your your art immediately after the tattoo is completed by applying a thin layer of SkinLock gel followed by 1-2 pumps of SkinLock Sealant Spray.  The sealing process occurs quickly and continues to strengthen for 30 minutes after the application.

SkinLock stays on the skin for 2 hours and then can be washed off.  After that, your regular aftercare regimen can begin.  No need for messy bandages or wraps... all you need is SkinLock for a couple of hours.  Just keep it moist and out of the sun once you've washed it off.


Country: USA

Manufacturer: Skinlock

Product type: Transparent Tattoo Sealant


Contents: 5 oz bottle of Hydrogel and one 2 oz. spray bottle of Sealant.