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Verge Dog Shader Navy

In stock


Here's a new product from Verge workshop. This classic coil machine is based on a welded frame. It has great design at a modest price. Perfect device for both beginners and professionals, designed to be a everyday workhorse. This shader easily works with the needles up to 15 M.

Verge is a young workshop which has already made a great impression on the artists.
Verge employees are mechanical engineers who have a lot of experience which is reflected in the quality and reliability of their work.

Please note that you need to pick up a high-quality power supply for the tattoo machine to work properly.


Manufacturer: Verge 

Product Type: Tattoo Machine

Machine Type: Coil Tattoo Machine

Purpose: Shader (5-15M)

Frame Material: Steel

Machine Connection: Clip Cord Connection

Voltage adjustment: 5-7 V

Frequency: 110 Hz

Weight: 6 oz