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Vlad Blad TRON Rotary

Out of stock


Probably this is the first product that perfectly meets all requirements of moody new school tattooers, who choose light weight, innovative design and minimalism together with powerful ink packing characteristics.
The slider system allows not to care anymore about cartridge compatibility or about excessive deterioration of bar and cartridge module during the session. This machine is perfect both for cartridges and classical needles. Needles lovers will appreciate the needle bar stabilizer integrated into the slider system.
First thing that surprises is machine weight which is only 83 grams! After your eyes will be pleased by minimalistic RCA connector installed at an comfortable angle and no clip cord binding posts anymore. There is nothing else! Tube vise system will perfectly fit into left and right hand due to lack of holder screw at the side of vise part. Nothing will stick into your hand anymore!))
TRON is built to work so perfectly with very wide range of ink colors and color packing that it will easily replace all the rest of your machines, it will become your constant tool in your daily work as well as in trips and conventions.
We had minimized the motor heating. Recommended working voltage is 6,5v - 7v and depends on needles that you use. We want to note that every artist has his or her own pace of work so just feel the voltage and choose your own comfortable speed.
Minimalism, power, versatility and charisma - this is TRON
We installed reliable and powerful Mabuchi motor reinforced with special bearing, 4 mm stroke eccentric balanced for powerful hit, RCA connector which will firmly hold the cable, antifrictional and chemical proof Derlin polymer, neodimium magnets and aircraft aluminum. The return slider mechanism based on neodimium magnets and can't be broken as the regular spring.
TRON is built for shading, solid color packing and lines. It will easy push big needle groupings.


Voltage: 6,5-7 Volts.

Needles: up to 35

Stroke: 4mm

Frame material: Aircraft aluminum

Weight: 2.92oz